Monday, February 3, 2020

san sebastian 2019

It's fitting that I finally got into a darkroom during some of the gloomiest weeks of my first Chicago winter. I haven't lately been feeling the pull of the outdoors - in fact, I have been lamenting the fact that the outside world has become merely a passing-place, all of my beloved nature reduced mostly to an atmosphere I endure as I travel from point A to B.

It's doubly fitting, then, that I had the nostalgic delight this week of developing a few rolls of film I shot last summer while spending time in one of my most favorite places in the world: San Sebastian, a small coastal city in Spain's Basque Country. It's a place that glows with the tradition of centuries of Spanish summers. I spent an afternoon (hungover, the day after I turned 19) there in 2015, when I was studying abroad in Spain. I returned to San Sebastian last summer for almost a week, hoping to expand upon my memories of that sun-baked half-day. It was everything I'd hoped for, and in developing these photos I was able to return to my memories of that time. For a while, I escaped the dreariness of winter.

Here's a few - there are more, but I'm savoring them by posting in batches.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

an afternoon in chicago

from the weekend i visited northwestern: my first time in the city. the energy of the streets was palpable and words rolled around my head like hot marbles as i walked between the tall buildings.

now i live here!

an evening with the digicam

found an old digital camera in a curbside trashpile and took it on a nighttime drive. some sort of surreal aughts softness to these i'd explore again

sandy eggo

35mm from an april weekend in san diego, wherein many sunsets were enjoyed

never gets old to look out to the sea and see the curve of the earth, or to hear the calm roar of ocean crashing into shore

oregon coast 06/19 ii

bw 35mm from our summer trip along the coast