Wednesday, December 21, 2016

hilmy cellars

 with my fav concussed model, izzy cheng


12/20/2016 - first I witnessed a bathroom haircut (decision well made!), and then we toured a strange suburban venue called the 'sekrit theater'. The owner is asking for donations to help fight legal fees from grumpy neighbors who don't like the strangers checking out his decrepit and beautiful palace. The experience was reminiscent of the cathedral of junk we visited this summer; it seems the Austinite with a backyard of elegantly arranged castoffs may be a known and existing trope. Both guys were a little standoffish, but clearly proud of their artistic orchestrations. Visited a cemetery (photos to come) and an overpass pedestrian bridge (we question the validity of such a construction where a crosswalk would do, but we're happy for the extra work done to erect the thing), before ending the night back at Izzy's for Spirited Away and lovely kaleidoscope lights. An idyllic winter break sort of day. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


big exam tomorrow so of course i'm posting on this blog for the first time in over a year

model: my lovely friend izzy cheng